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I MADE IT TO FEBRUARY! Plus, Why I'm Doing This. Plus, Soup + Sandwiches.

Woohoo! It's February 2nd, which means I've officially made it past the one-month mark of cooking every day!

We've had a lot of pasta lately, so I decided to turn some of our leftovers into soup. Here's how mind-bogglingly easy this was:

  1. Add leftover tortellini pasta in tomato sauce to soup pot and warm with a bit of oil.
  2. Add a can of diced tomatoes.
  3. Add enough chicken broth that it gets all... soup-y.
  4. Add half and half, which was what I had instead of cream.
  5. Taste and add seasonings. I just needed a bit of black pepper.

We had grilled cheese, too. Delicious. I always make my grilled cheese by spreading mayo on the outside of the bread instead of adding butter to the skillet, and it gets all golden and crispy. All told, this dinner took about 15 minutes. Win!

Making it this far also reminded me of a question that my friend Sarah asked me a couple weeks ago: "What made you want to do this?" I didn't have a very coherent answer at the time. I decided to do this on January 1 and kind of just ran with it, as we ENFPs do.

But I've thought about it since then and realized there are a few reasons why this idea came to me.

First, I like cooking. This is a challenge for me to set aside time to do something I love, even in this crazy season of life. Because as I'm sure all my friends with more than one kid can attest, it only gets crazier.

The second part also has to do with this new season of life. I'm home with Sam, and Joe works long, teacher-y hours, and this whole arrangement is still something we're getting used to. Some days, I feel productive and happy and like a Fun Mom™. Some days, my major achievement is keeping Sam alive long enough to hand him to Joe the instant he walks through the door. Having this challenge has actually made dinner less stressful somehow. Maybe it's because I'm planning meals more intentionally, or maybe it's the mental state of knowing I'm going to cook instead of calling Joe to grab something on his way home.

Third, when I cook more, we tend to eat better and save money. Healthier food AND more delicious food alike. Having leftovers in the fridge makes lunches easier, and knowing there's yummy stuff waiting makes me less likely to swing through the McDonald's positioned precariously close to my home.

So thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me so far! It's much more fun to share this, and the accountability is probably the only reason I'm going strong!