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Leftovers Remixed: Chorizo Skillet Breakfast

Skillets are one of my favorite restaurant breakfast choices (but shout-out to the two-egg breakfast—may you always be $5.95). Crispy hash browns or home fries, piled with veggies and meat and cheese and a fried egg with a silky yolk to drop into all the cracks. As the kids say, 👌.


So when I have leftover potatoes, I tend to turn them into my own skillet-style breakfast. Yesterday, We had crispy potato and chorizo tacos (highly recommend).  So today, I re-crisped the leftover potato and chorizo filling in a frying pan (with some added diced green peppers), melted some cheese on top, and fried an egg to top the whole thing off. It got a drizzle of hot sauce, too, since the original was mild for Sam's sake.

This also reminded me of why leftovers are so great. I'm just never going to dice potatoes, boil them in vinegar-spiked salted water, sauté them til crisp, and mix in chorizo at 6:30 a.m. on a bleary-eyed weekday. But I can dump the cold stuff in a pan any day of the week. 

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