Writer, Editor, and Digital Marketer

What I Can Do for You

I'm a writer, editor, and digital marketer ready to help you tell your story.


Getting the words right matters. I can help you tell your story.


What I do:

  • Write and edit for the web

  • Help businesses grow through digital marketing (website copy, email,  SEO, social media, and more)

  • Edit fiction and non-fiction

Who I am:

I love deleting the wrong word as much as I love writing the right one. I can bang out copy like nobody's business, but I'm also an eagle-eyed editor and a natural collaborator (after all, I grew up with two graphic designers for brothers). As a digital marketer, I know how to turn visitors into customers and customers into fans.

I've done a wide range of work since I began freelancing in 2015. I'm the managing editor for Kidlist, a local parenting website. I do web copywriting and digital marketing for both B2C and B2B and teams, including OrangeQC janitorial inspection software.  There’s a special place in my heart for helping local businesses, such as family photographers, grow their client list with a great online presence and compelling email campaigns.

I'm currently based in the Chicago area. (Translation: I live in the suburbs.)

How I got here:

I earned my News-Editorial Journalism degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where I spent more time working for the Daily Illini than I did studying.

Before freelancing, I spent five years at Groupon (first as a writer, then a senior writer, and finally as a content & community manager for Coupons). My responsibilities included product copywriting, blogging, SEO, and more. I also drank a lot of LaCroix.