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Resolutions + Burritos = Success

I wasn't going to make a resolution. But on New Year's Day, I thought to myself: Why not try to cook every day this year? That would help us save money, eat healthier, slow down... all the typical New Year's resolutions. But more delicious.

So I am. And I'm going to write about it, which means it might—just might—actually happen. Feel free to nudge me along if I'm slipping up or follow along to see what we've been cooking. The meals may not be fancy... but that's part of the point. I'm defining "cooking" pretty loosely as making fresh food. Scrambling an egg counts. Slicing tomatoes for a sandwich probably counts. Frozen pizza, sadly, does not.

Day 1's recipe is Spicy Potato and Black Bean Burritos, courtesy of Leanne Brown (of the brilliantly frugal Good and Cheap cookbook, which you can, and should, download for free). I'd definitely make them again! The potatoes made them nicely filling, and the jalapeno added just enough spice.

Wish me luck! I've never kept a New Year's resolution before—but then again, I've never made one that involved eating burritos.


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