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This Counts, Right?

Lest you think it's all fancy eggplant parm up in here, today I made myself a salad comprised of bagged lettuce, cheese, and dressing. Joe had already eaten leftovers, and I asked him to give Sam a bath while I set a timer for 10 minutes to eat my salad and re-read Goblet of Fire in peace. #metime.

I also sliced a lot of sweet potatoes for a dish I'm bringing to a family party tomorrow. Here's the Pinterest-ready photo of my uniformly chopped veggies being prepped in an immaculate kitchen:


Whoops. Just kidding. (But there's probably an Instagram filter that would make this look adorable somehow, right?)

But seriously, these are the days when it's good to have fodder for the microwave ready in the fridge! 

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