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Beer Pretzels + Cheese

To me, fall is the season of warm, bubbling, cheesy things, often in skillets.


Joe had today off work, so it was a good day for a bit of a project. Apparently I haven't sworn off Pinterest for real, as these pumpkin beer pretzels with chipotle queso have been on my menu planner for a week, waiting for me to get around to them.

They were really the ideal more-involved recipe to make: a bit of extra effort, a lot to show for it, not much to mess up. No, the pretzels did not all look very pretzel-shaped, but we dipped them in molten cheese (alongside apples and baby carrots because we're parents now) and did not mind. 

Changes made... ALDI had pumpkin cider instead of beer, so I chanced it and it worked. Can't say the pretzels really tasted pumpkin-y so I would probably just use regular beer next time. I added a very small splash of vinegar and a couple shakes of seasoned salt to help bring the queso to life after tasting the recipe as written. Next time, I would also spray the baking sheet with cooking spray as some of the pretzels stuck.

Everyone 'round here enjoy the dinner immensely. I think more "skillet fondue" nights may be in our future, but with sliced baguettes instead of pretzels for more weeknight-friendly fare. 

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