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Recipe Review: "I Liked It Even Though I Hate Kale"

On Monday, we had the first meal from the free ALDI meal plan I found from a local blogger. I was a little nervous because I'm not usually big on the whole kale phenomenon. I don't mind it when it's lovingly attended by a chef who knows their stuff, but I usually just toss it in stuff to make it "healthy" and then find it gross. Find the recipe here: Mushroom, kale, & white bean pasta with a fried egg.


But this was good! I was a little freaked out at how much kale the recipe called for, but it cooked way down. 

The star of this recipe is the fried egg. Runny yolk basically acts as a sauce for the pasta... yum. If you're not into over-easy eggs, think if it as a carbonara sauce. 

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