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Chicken, Dip, and Faking It 'Til You Make It

So here's what happened: I wanted to make sweet potatoes and roasted chicken breasts. The sweet potatoes had to be in at 425 F, so I just stuck my thin chicken cutlets in at the same temp. Then, I totally forgot about them.


When I remembered them, they were pretty dry AND I'd put way too much spice rub on them. 

Sooo I sliced them up and made a honey Dijon dip and a ranch dip, because dip covers over a multitude of sins (and cools off all that spice). 

Joe asked that we have this again, and "soon."  Fake it 'til you make it, I guess? Or maybe it's just the power of ranch dip.

Next time I'll lay off the Penzey's Northwood Fire and use chicken tenderloins to start. Maybe even set a timer, too. Whomp whomp.