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Truffle Hot Cocoa

Over the past couple weeks, I've realized how much more relaxed I am in the kitchen when I'm NOT using a recipe. That was part of my motivation for cooking every day—making it seem less daunting by getting familiar with more and more dishes. Tonight, it was fun to make hot cocoa on the fly and get a little creative.

Joe and I are tired old farts/tired young parents, so one of our favorite ways to end an evening is reading on the couch 'til maybe 9:30... or (gasp) 10:30 on the weekend!


For tonight's read-a-thon, I made truffle hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream. It's all really easy stuff. Whipped cream = chilled KitchenAid bowl and whisk + whipping cream + powdered sugar. For the hot cocoa, I just melted some chocolate truffles in a heavy pot with a little milk on low heat, then added the rest of the milk and whisked it together over medium heat. 

There *may* have been a splash of Bailey's in there somewhere, too.