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Cauliflower Cheese Strikes Again

So far, our only repeated meals have been pancakes and cauliflower cheese. Priorities? This time, I made the recipe from Good and Cheap, which is available as a free downloadable cookbook. (I was using it so often I bought the print version, too.)


The recipe is really adaptable. I added the optional dijon mustard and paprika to the cheese sauce, as well as a splash of vinegar, which always ups the flavors. I topped it with breadcrumbs, and then added some leftover spiral ham we had in the fridge to the top in the last 10 minutes of cooking.

I also learned my lesson from last time. There was a lot more cheese sauce and it would have drowned my cauliflower again—maybe I need to look for bigger cauliflower heads, or add an extra half? The sauce-to-cauliflower ratio worked much better like this.

I think I've also found the ticket for making this a meal (traditionally, cauliflower cheese is a side): adding meat to the top and serving a salad on the side.

I'm sure you'll see this again before the winter is through!