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"Perfect Pancakes" from NYTimes Cooking - Recipe Review

Can you tell we like pancakes around these parts? Nothing delight Sam like a pancake (unless it's a pancake with bananas on top). He probably gets it from his momma.

This morning, he "helped" me try out a new pancake recipe. Or at least helped develop my biceps as I carried him around in one arm as I made pancakes.

NYTimes Cooking isn't lying when they call these Perfect Buttermilk Pancakes. I've been struggling to make a pancake I really love without a boxed mix, and these are GREAT. The whole "How to Make Pancakes" page was incredibly helpful as I worked out the kinks in my pancake-making operation. I love their cooking guides because they really break down the steps and explain each part. There are plenty of photos and a video so that you can double-check that everything looks right.

Turns out my pancakes have been burning because I've been cooking them in butter when I needed something with a higher smoke point (hello, canola oil). The guide also explains how to play with mix-ins, different, flours, and toppings. Next stop: chocolate chip pancakes with oat flour!