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A Week of Cooking

I may have taken a week off of blogging, but I'm still going strong on the cooking front. Some days "strong" meant blueberry muffins from scratch, and some days "strong" meant I mixed sour cream and salsa to pour on top of tacos leftovers.

So what did we eat last week?

Monday: Joe's mom came over for dinner, and I fried up the pierogi I made on Sunday. I nuked some frozen broccoli, rinsed some blueberry, and set out a jar of applesauce, too. Bam, dinner.

Tuesday: Asian Salmon in Foil from Damn Delicious (again), but this time, with the sauce from Smitten Kitchen's Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowls. We used the sauce on some salad, too, and ate it with brown rice. Both the sauce and rice made an appearance the next day...

Wednesday: Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowls. I love these things. I went out and bought miso and black sesame seeds to make them and have not regretted this. Because I had made the sauce and rice for Tuesday's dinner, all I had to do this night was roast the sweet potato and broccoli.

Thursday: My friend Erica always cooks dinner for our community group, so I was off the hook for dinner! I made this simple hummus without tahini (but with tahini, ahaha), which was a recipe recommended by my friend Rachel.

Friday: Our friends Justin and Danielle came over on Friday night, and I know they appreciate a good old-fashioned taco fiesta. So I seized the excuse and went to town with Smitten Kitchen's Homesick Texan Carnitas. This was a cook-all-afternoon kind of affair, and they were delicious, if I do say so myself. But not as great as the company!

Note that Sam is lovin' on the yummy chips Auntie D brought, not the carnitas his mother simmered on the stove for four hours or the from-scratch restaurant-style Mexican rice from The Kitchn (note to self: half an onion will suffice). O, that we would all have the priorities of a toddler.

Saturday: We were out ALL. DAY. on Saturday, which was fun and exhausting. And honestly, I almost broke my resolution. But instead, I made Perfect Blueberry Muffins from Smitten Kitchen. (Uhm, can you tell I love Smitten Kitchen?!) They were indeed perfect. Make these.

Sunday: We had so many leftovers in our fridge! Rather than eat more tacos, I made a taco salad with bagged lettuce + taco leftovers + "homemade dressing." Here's the dressing recipe: sour cream, ranch dressing, and salsa. In whatever quantities please you. I'm counting it.

Writing it all out like this, I'm kind of surprised by how much I cooked! It didn't feel as overwhelming because it happened bit by bit, because I had most of it planned out, and because I was able to use leftovers in cooking (like the pierogi I'd already made, or reusing the sauce and rice from Tuesday's dinner on Wednesday).

Here's to this week!

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