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Recipe Review: Cheesy Vegetarian Chili Mac

I shared our weekly meal plan with some friends and realized I may have a teensy obsession with Budget Bytes. It's just too dependable! Cheap, delicious, and un-fussy.  I also got to interview Beth Moncel once, and she was great, so that helps, too.


This cheesy vegetarian chili mac has been a standby in our house ever since Joe cooked up a pot of it about a year ago. It's a heartier, more nutrient-packed version of typical mac & cheese... but with all the mac & cheese creaminess. 

Notes on the recipe: I am often lazy and just use garlic and onion powder instead of the real deal. I also usually add a glug of white vinegar to the end result (after tasting). Tonight, I realized we'd turned most of our shredded cheddar into quesadillas (typical), so I added some sliced smoked white cheddar from ALDI, and I might do it on purpose next time. 


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