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Recipe Review: Spicy Roasted Broccoli Pasta from NYTimes Cooking

I was very, very excited when this deliciousness emerged from my oven today.  The recipe is from Melissa Clark at NYTimes Cooking, which usually bodes well.


Creamy, crunchy, EASY. You're taking roasted broccoli and tossing it with cooked pasta, then briefly broiling it with dollops of ricotta and a crunchy breadcrumb-parmesan topping.

It's a fresher take on a pasta bake, basically. 

I roasted extra broccoli yesterday and cooked the noodles during Sam's nap, so pulling this together at dinner time was verrrrry fast. I briefly reheated the pasta and broccoli since the broiler only hits the top. Speaking of which, I also rotated the pan and broiled for a few minutes longer because my broiler doesn't cover much area.

I should note that I didn't add the red pepper flakes so this wasn't spicy, but I'm sure it'd be grand. The lemon juice to finish is marked as optional, but please don't skip it. I also used a full pound of pasta and 10oz. of ricotta because those were my package sizes and didn't regret having extra. Next time I'd make more of the crunchy topping, too.

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