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The Easiest Possible Bread Recipe

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese is one of my favorite cookbooks of all time. I actually read it straight through, like a regular book, the first time. Now I keep it on the counter to grab when I want to make the basics from scratch—things like popcorn, hot chocolate, and, yes, bread. Which I made yesterday, prompting us to have avocado toast for dinner, because the heart wants what it wants.


I've always assumed people who bake bread possess superpowers and measuring skills I can only dream of. But this everyday bread recipe has tolerated me forgetting about rising loaves for hours, me not having the right kind of flour, and me eyeballing things because I'm a subpar baker.

It's still delicious every time! It involves NO kneading. NO weird yeast rituals. NO cracking of eggs or grinding of oats or breaking a sweat, really. You literally throw everything in one bowl and then stir it.

The only slight hassle is that it calls for instant yeast, which I had a hard time finding. I eventually tracked it down at Sam's Club, so if anyone wants instant yeast I have a LOT OF YEAST. (Good news is yeast is cheap even in vast quantities.)


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