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Exceedingly Easy Hot Cocoa Mix Recipe

This penguin has a secret.  


Flip open his head, and inside his cheerfully tubby tummy you'll find some killer hot cocoa mix.  

I'm really into hot chocolate. In winter, it's a near-nightly ritual to slightly thaw my frostbitten spirits. I've experimented with a few different DIY mixes, and this one wins, both for being delicious and so easy that I actually refill the pot (penguin?) when I run out.

The key is good cocoa powder. Spring for the good stuff, and then you can basically just get out of the way and let it knock your socks off.

Exceedingly Easy Hot Cocoa Mix

Inspired by Alton Brown, in that I kept not adding ingredients until it barely had any. 


  • 1 cup (or one part) Dutch-process or higher-quality cocoa powder. Again, this is key. I use Rodelle, and I have only found it locally at Jewel in the baking aisle, and it costs something ridiculous like $7 a jar, but it's the only sacrifice this demands.
  • 2 cups (or two parts) powdered sugar. 
  • Couple dashes of salt. 


  1. Mix

DONE. That's the kind of from-scratch cooking I can get behind. 

To drink, microwave some milk (good and hot!), dump in a couple spoonfuls of mix, and stir. Then taste and add more to your hearts' delight. 

I often add a lil splash of vanilla extract. Sometimes I add a lil sploosh of Bailey's (we'll meet again post-pregnancy, spiked cocoa). 

If you want to jazz it up beyond this, or make a mix that can be made with water, check out that Alton Brown recipe.  Either way, sit back and relax with a steaming cup of liquid comfort as you read a novel (or binge Texas Flip N Move, whatever calms your heart).

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