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Veggie Italian Hoagies - Recipe Review

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a bit of a Bon Appétit kick after their August issue, in which every recipe contained five ingredients or less (minus salt, pepper, and oil/butter). 

veggie itallian hoagies.jpg

These Veggie Italian Hoagies fit another kitchen trend we've been rocking: trying to consume some small fraction of the tomatoes our garden jungle is yielding. Seriously, we've got a new crop of tomatoes daily. (And Sam loves going to "pick apatoes" with Joe.)

They were great. They're essentially tomato-and-lettuce sandwiches, but with mayo that's been mixed half-and-half with chopped giardiniera. The giardiniera lends the sandwich a "meaty" taste, which helped it feel substantial enough for lunch.

Great tomatoes and a good, crusty loaf of bread are essential here. I accidentally chose a really skinny loaf that made these a bit hard to eat; next time I'd choose more of a traditional baguette. The recipe also yields way more mayo than you really need. We used some on BLTs the next day, which was great, but next time I'd use only a half-cup each of mayo and giardiniera.

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