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Mystery Meat! (and Shredded Pork Baked Potatoes)

I got a great deal on a pork roast at ALDI a few weeks back. But when I went to defrost it on Monday, I realized it wasn't a roast after all; they were actually "pork shoulder steaks," which I'd never heard of. I Googled 'em and found a recipe.

But then, when I unwrapped them this morning, they weren't what I was expecting. The recipe I'd picked out was for thinner, smaller steaks, and these were big, thick, bone-in chunks of meat all wrapped around one another. So I remembered my life's motto: "When in doubt, throw it in the slow cooker for six hours."


After a relaxing stay in the slow cooker (on high) with some salt and pepper, the meat was falling off the bone. I shredded it and added seasoned salt and a couple spoonfuls of vinegar according to my life's other motto: "When in doubt, add seasoned salt and vinegar."

It turned out really yummy! We ate the shredded pork on top of baked potatoes with cheese, sour cream, and green onions. The leftovers are going to be delicious in nachos for lunch tomorrow, too.

I once learned a trick to split baked potatoes prettily, and let me tell you, it makes me pretty popular at cocktail parties. Take a fork and make a kind of perforated line down the middle, stabbing pretty deeply into the potato. Then, press the two ends together, and it should open right up. If you fail, like I did with the potato on the right (I stabbed too far down), it'll just split in half. Which is just fine, but not as pretty, and the potato gets cold faster.

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