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Lemon Butter Shrimp

Tonight, I was planning on making a light, lower-calorie dinner: grilled shrimp and brown rice.

But then I thought, why not smother the shrimp in lemon garlic butter and shower it with crunchy, golden panko? 


We ate ours over brown basmati rice, though I'm sure the crusty bread that the Pioneer Woman recipe recommends to soak up all that butter would be delightful.

The great thing about this recipe is... well, first, that it tastes fancy but took about 10 minutes of active prep. But second, that it calls for frozen shrimp. No pre-planning required (defrosting meat is my Achilles heel). I also used dried parsley because I had no fresh, though I'll definitely plan to make this again and try it with the good stuff next time. 

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