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Copycat Penne Rosa

I have faithfully ordered the same dish at Noodles & Co for about the last decade. I love me some Penne Rosa. 



I was going to make a pasta salad recipe with penne noodles, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta... but then I thought, why make pasta salad when you can have Penne Rosa?

Today's version involved cooking mushrooms in olive oil and white wine with salt and garlic powder, then adding chopped tomatoes, cooked Penne, some cream cheese, and some pasta water. Gobs of spinach at the end when it's off the heat. Stir in feta. Yum.

I recently discovered the wonder that is pasta water, incidentally. I'm aghast I've been tossing it all down the sink for most of my life. A couple ladlefuls tossed in make everything silky and creamy! 

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