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Sunday Pot Roast + Monday Pot Roast Sandwiches

I haven't posted in a few days, but I have been cooking! On Sunday, I made a pot roast dinner with carrots and potatoes. I used the Pioneer Woman recipe, which hasn't let me down yet. Yum. I tried roasting the potatoes along with the roast this time, but next time I'll bite the bullet and make mashed. There just weren't the same.


On Monday, I made pot roast sandwiches from the leftovers... on homemade rolls, because Sam decided to spend 30 minutes playing quietly with an old baby bottle, so why not. 



I used this recipe, and though the rolls turned out well, I have a few beefs with it. First, don't you dare tell me to use a large bowl when a small one will do. Recipe pet peeve. Second, there was no explanation of how to divide the dough in equal parts; flatten it into a rectangle and cut lines through, like I've started to above. Third, I used more than 5 cups of flour, which made me nervous as the recipe said 4, give or take, but didn't give a range. 

They were good, though. Especially the ones I brushed with melted butter and topped with sea salt and fresh rosemary like a fancy pants lady.


For the sandwiches themselves, I sautéed some thinly sliced onions in butter and added those along with the leftover pot roast. 


The rolls kinda fell apart, but the sandwiches were tasty all the same!