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Pierogi (and Frozen Pizza)

Whew. These were a Project. But I've been wanting to try making my own pierogi for a while, and I had some free time on my hands while Joe watched some sort of small sporting event. 


I used Leanne Brown's recipe from Good and Cheap, and I think I messed something up, because my dough was definitely not sticky at first, contrary to the instructions. I added an extra egg and some water, which got it to the right consistency, but I'm wondering if that's why I had trouble getting the dough thin enough. They also took much longer than the recommended minute to boil.

I made a lotta monster-sized pierogis that look quite... rustic. But they're delicious, especially fried in butter and dunked in sour cream.


I couldn't resist trying a couple, but we're having these in earnest tomorrow night. Tonight, we ate a frozen pizza 'cause, you know, football. And I'm a big believer in cutting myself some slack on days when I'm making big batches of things. I have four freezer bags with pierogi besides what we'll eat tomorrow, so that's a win!