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Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers with Yogurt-Herb Dip: Recipe Review

This twist on chicken fingers and dip from The Kitchn makes a few swaps to add a few more nutrients—but the changes all make for MORE flavor.


The tweaks aren't there just to be "healthy," per se, These are still fried chicken fingers, thank goodness. It's not like adding spinach to a smoothie just because you should and then praying you can't taste it; the breading gets swapped for almond meal that gets nutty and crisp, and the yogurt dip is, dare I say, better than ranch.

Sam clearly thought so; he ate the dip by handful. Literally. 


Joe dunked him directly in the tub and we had to clean cilantro out of it afterwards. 

I also wanted to share some context, since I've been inviting you all to virtually join us at the dinner table. I may artfully crop out the dead lillies and random objects strewn across the table, but just know: they're there. I can't pretend otherwise. No shame!