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These Tarts are My Jam (Sorry)

I have a love-hate relationship with Bon Appétit. On the one hand, the food is all gorgeous, they clearly love food and cooking, and I've made some awesome meals from their recipes. On the other hand, it can be a bit... extra. The perfectly posed foodie dinner parties in the desert and extensive round-ups of where to find the most Instagram-perfect cocktails don't always feel relevant to my suburban mom life.

jam toaster tarts.JPG

Last month's issue, though, was right up my alley: Every recipe had five ingredients or less (not counting salt). We made tomato and bread stew! And caprese salad! And these jam toaster tarts, which seem like they should be much more complex than they are!

jam toaster tart hearts.JPG

The recipe is pretty simple, but a bit labor intensive, including chilling dough and then rolling and cutting and crimping and venting the tarts. I also usually scorn recipes that involve the food processor, since I just hate cleaning my food processor. But they're worth it! I've made them twice (the second time as hearts!) because Joe, who normally doesn't go crazy for desserts, liked them so much.

The second time around, I actually didn't have enough flour (whoops) so I used the 1.5 cups I had of white flour, plus 1 cup of better-for-bread-flour, plus .75 cups of whole wheat flour. They were much easier to roll out and work with, though they weren't quite as flaky. I experimented with some Nutella-filled ones, too!

If you make these (and you should), don't be afraid to add more ice water than it calls for to the food processor. The dough should be forming some pretty significant clumps before you dump it out. Investing in a jar of farmer's market or homemade jam isn't a bad idea. Also, don't be afraid to really sprinkle on that raw sugar at the end!